Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for Gas Plants and Supply to the Lime Plant.

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Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for Gas Plants and Supply to the Lime Plant.

CAL DEL CENTRO (CDC), as a Customer, requests bids from eligible suppliers in the world for the supply of a specific service through Competitive public tender. 


  1. Bidding Conditions

Overview:  CDC requires selecting a specialist company to develop the project of Gas Plant.

For this project, the contractor must be in charge of the Engineering, Procurement, Construction (including pre-commissioning and commissioning) for Gas plants (GLP, GNL & GNC). 


  1. Bidding Contents

2.1       Product Name:               - EPC for Gas Plants.

2.2       Quantity:                                  - Produce Aprox. 123,900 MMBTU per Month (MMBTU – Millions of BTU)

2.3       Execution Place:             - Pachacaca Plant. (3,960 msnm)

2.4       Main Technical Data:       - Climate Conditions: Range Temperature  -1.4 °C to 14.5°C

                                                                       - All details in Scope of Work (SOW).


  1. Qualification Requirements For Bidder
    1. The bidder must be an enterprise or other organization with legally and financially independence.
    2. Bidders must have ISO9001 quality management system certification. 
    3. The bidders may not bid simultaneously, in case that which legal representatives are the same person or which are mutual parent companies, wholly-owned or holding-owned subsidiaries.
    4. The bidder must include a list of companies where a similar service was provided, in the last three years. Also, include valid copies of the Service compliance letter with the official seal of the customer and contact numbers and email address. 
    5. Bidders with bad legal record, dispute or recognized as non-conforming supplier by CDC -Chinalco in the last three years, will be rejected.


4.         Period of Registration:  October 22thto November 30th, 2018

            Bidder must present above documents required for registration. The registration is by e-mail, the subject of the email must start with the bidding ID number (B0357) followed by your companies name .


5.         Contact Details


Address: Av. El Derby N°250, 20thFloor – Lima 33, Peru

Contact: Mr. Gonzalo Bustos

Tel: +51 708-8000 – Extension 1007




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